You Seen Bandersnatch?

In response to an odd response, 📝Alex Silkin asked "is this you or the bot" and knowingly triggered botBrian's "you assume we can be defined as separate" response which I had told him about at a BBQ the day prior.

Alex wasn't, however, aware that in the hours since we'd spoke, botBrian had learned new layers of dialogue.

Alex Silkin

Yep, that's the reply I was expecting.

Brian Swichkow

What if we're losing touch with which is which? By the way, have you seen Bandersnatch?

Alex, now thinking that humanBrian was present in the conversation, shared relevant news about Netflix's 📝Interactive Television projects. I was riding my bike while this was happening and responded a few minutes later. The interaction later inspired 📝Blurring The Lines (newsletter).

Brian Swichkow
Published on:
May 30, 2019