I love playing with, and performing for, new people. However, I became frustrated by the limitations of context and the feeling of being "trapped" in the (beloved) stories that people continually asked me to retell. So... I'm training an AI-me.

About me

Brian Swichkow

Fractional CMO to startups, known widely as a Reddit marketing expert.

I have provided growth consulting and support to 200+ startups between Seed and Series B; educated 3,000+ marketers on how to growth hack with communities like Reddit and Product Hunt; created products and technologies like Mythos.one, SpiritualBro.com, and Brian.bot; and built multiple self-sustaining communities.

I have played the role of full or fractional CMO to venture financed startups like Topia (metaverse platform, raised $5m Series Seed led by Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian), CulturePulse (societal simulation platform, round in progress), Howitzer (Reddit marketing SaaS, raised $500k Series Seed), ZinBin (content discovery platform, raised $MM in Series Seed), and One Inc Cooperative (creator community, revenue funded). We have provided marketing and community-building services to companies like Autodesk, Product Hunt, UCLA, and Tezos.

I am most known for my viral marketing stunts including pranking my roommate with Facebook ads (450k page views and 38k backlinks) and promoting my dating profile with Reddit ads (150k impressions and 18 dates); both of which successfully prompted changes to the platforms' advertising policies (and $500k+ in revenue).

Reach out if you need advice or support with growth hacking, marketing automation, community building, startup fundraising, etc. or with platforms like Reddit, Product Hunt, etc. and/or tools like Airtable, Zapier, Circle, etc.

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